Eric Ashley Profile Picture


I've always been drawn to photos. Continually fascinated by the magic that comprises a photograph, it was no surprise I progressed to still photography after a short stint with video.
In photography I found the perfect medium to foster growth for my technical mind and creative heart. Together they inspire me to passionately create images whether for clients or personal projects.

I received a Bachelors of Science degree in mass communications from Walla Walla University. My time at WWU gave me a strong foundation of photojournalistic experience which I merged with an enthusiastic appreciation for portraiture — a combination which promotes a strong visual narrative and a spontaneous expression that captures photos you'll cherish.

When I pick up a camera I inescapably need a person in the frame. I love taking pictures of people and their experiences. That's why I thrive on photographing weddings and portraits.

I'm invested in producing creative and quality work that captures the moment in a bold and expressive way, while balancing a subtle presence to let the event be itself, uninterrupted. Good photos truly are an investment, so let's invest together.

I invite you to look around the site at my professional and personal work. Give me a call, drop me an email, or interact on Twitter, Facebook, or Google +.